CIVENG C88 Data Science for Smart Cities

Cities become more dependent on the data flows that connect infrastructures between themselves, and users to infrastructures. Design and operation of smart, efficient, and resilient cities nowadays require data science skills. This course provides an introduction to working with data generated within transportation systems, power grids, communication networks, as well as collected via crowd-sensing and remote sensing technologies, to build demand- and supply-side urban services based on data analytics.

Class Projects

CYPLAN 257/CIVENG 263N Data Science for Human Mobility and Socio-technical Systems

Introduction to modern methods of data analysis, spatial data handling and visualization technologies for engineers and data scientists. Theoretical coverage includes a selection of methods from spatial statistics, exploratory data analysis, spatial data mining, discriminative and generative approaches of machine learning. Projects and assignment tasks are targeted at real-world scalable implementation of systems and services based on data analytics in environmental remote sensing, transportation, energy, location-based services and the domain of “smart cities” in general.

Class Projects

HuMNet Lab